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Giving meaning


The belief in Human Capital 

Performance-Satisfaction link



You are a CEO or HR Manager

You are a CEO or HR Manager or who wishes to offer coaching to a top manger in order for him to be empowered and recognized in a leadership role.

You are an operational leader who doesn't have time to dwell in full day training seminars but, nonetheless,  will benefit from an experienced  professional who listens to your needs?

You are a top manager who doesn't wish to treat his/her personal problems in a group ?

He has received further training as Coach in Transformance (Paris), a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (USA); Job Analysis – Hay Management (Italy); Blanchard's Situational Leadership II ® and  Situational Self Leadership II ® (Belgium).

He is a member of International Coach Federation and Crea France, as well as the Art of Hosting Community

Needs-based approach : everything we do, from design to evaluation, is based on real organizational needs


You are a HR or Training Manager


To become the partner of choice in our target market because we contribute to make the work setting a world of mutual respect, self-fulfillment, joy and learning.


We accompany organisations in optimising their Human Resources Capital.  We aim at adding value to our clients by helping them through their HRD projects, by providing and facilitating coherent and realistic solutions in order to increase skills, productivity and satisfaction

Trust : Consultancy, coaching  and training  is a matter of trust. Coesios has acquired a reputation, among others because of the client-oriented approach, a partnership attitude and a conscientious commitment to projects. 

Commitment : We are committed to listen to your needs and offer added value service in an involved and realistic approach. We will jointly search for possibilities to develop the talent in your organization

The belief in Human Capital : The goal of our energies is to effectively equip managers and staff for their present and future challenges. We believe in putting the people at the heart of organizations.

Giving meaning : We believe in Sense making in what we do, as well as enhancing engagement in the work place.

Performance-Satisfaction link :  We believe in this link where people who achieve good results feel good about themselves ; people who feel good about themselves achieve good results.

Respect : our respect of individuals is paramount. And we believe in the human potential; for us, an individual can only improve. Our consultancy services and training workshops maintain the ethical issue of confidentiality wherever needed. 

Independence : What we do is aimed to increase the independence of the client. When a client no longer needs us is, in a way, a measure of our success.



You are a Human Resource Manager

You are CEO

Tailor-made solutions

Ethics of the demand

Evaluation and Follow-up

Trust the process : design is made of proven methods, presented in a variety of approches

Coherence and transparency

+33 (0)6 86 08 05 77


266, rue du Fauboug Saint Antoine

75012 Paris



We propose coaching sessions with a professional consultant treating the specific domain and accompanying the person towards the most effective solutions.

Examples of training programmes we have been running :

- Leadership and commitment

  • Manager of Managers (accompanying managers in a training journey collective-individual, with tools such as 360°/ MBTI, etc.)

  • The situational and systemic leader

- Team work

  • Empowering multicultural teams

  • Building High Performance Teams

- The Appraisal Interview

- Effective Communication

- Assertiveness Training

- Train the trainer

We highly recommend follow-ups

You are a HR or Training Manager and need to realize a precise and specific training workshop aimed at developing individual or team skills ?

If needed, we help you in designing and run tailor-made workshops with the possibility of a follow-up session.

In the need of a roll-out, together with our partners in all continents, we will facilitate the workshop implementation as well as measure the successes with you.

We'll take great care in transmitting and integrating the company message and contents adapting it to the local cultures.

You are a Human Resource Manager and need to spread and adapt a Group Training programme throughout different subsidiaries with the need to adapt to the local contexts and gain buy-in.

We help you by listening to and understanding your specific needs and goals, plus your company's history and culture.

Our approach is to turn the project around from a top-down approach to a more active, participative and energizing way, enhancing engagement among your people and boosting the collective intelligence of man and women in the organization.

You are a CEO that needs concrete help in setting up a different company culture;

For example : creating a real vision & mission statement, a Team or Learning Organization culture, a more professional Management way of doing, a Customer Care generalized attitude)…


 Coesios accompanies individuals, teams and organizations in successfully achieving their change projects.




- Characteristics and Principles :

Coherence and transparency. Coesios guarantees well-founded advice that will remain strictly confidential upon request. The acquisition of skills and knowledge is based on concrete organizational realities . Such a principle assumes that coherence between words and actions is fundamental.

Ethics of the demand. With respect with the value of coherence, we undertake only those projects that top management (or at least part of the team of deciders) believes in. We refuse any actions where there are unethical and/or hidden agendas on hand.

Tailor-made solutions. Each training programme is custom-made and is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of staff members, department, management, and organisation.

Internationalisation. We already dwell in the global village and Coesios takes this at heart : we realize our interventions in various languages. Where necessary we draw on an international network of consultants and trainers. The network is a senior group of consultants who are embedded with the same principles, ethics and values

Evaluation and Follow-up. We pay a great deal of attention to the evaluation phase and will discuss with you how targets have been achieved and if further actions are pertinent in order to obtain even better results.

- Training method :

- Coaching Method :

The 4A steps of Coaching :

Accepting : welcome the person, define the contract , clarifying the project, the goals, the actions, and the modalities of feedback

Accompanying :to undertake reflections upfront, to facilitate with methods and tools in order to achieve defined goals


Acting : define action plans and undertake them.

Achieving : evaluate the coaching intervention, feedback according to contract.

Coesios abides by the rule of ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).




We tend to work on projects as a team. Gianni Di Giacomo, frequently teams up with other professionals, often embarked through their specialization and their specific added-value.

Gianni Di Giacomo, Founder of Coesios

Furthermore, he created a completely new Human Resources Department for a public agency.

Back in Europe, he integrated a consulting firm based in Milan, Italy, and afterwards, founded his own consultancy group.

Since1996, he is based in Paris, France.

Mainly active in the private sector, he elaborated and ran management workshops, coached executives and managers, accompanying management teams,  as well as fostered team cohesions.


Furthermore, among his predilections, he has been facilitating organizations in enhancing their collective intelligence and commitment among participants as well as facilitating their post-merger projects. In particular, his multinational experience permits him to help bridge cultures. He intervenes in English, Italian and French.

As a training background he has a B.A. in Psychology, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada; a Master in Educational Psychology and Counselling, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.








Needs-based approach : Coesios is very attentive to the training process : from the training needs to the evaluation of the training interventions, passing through training design and the actual animation of workshops.

The consultants have as duties to base their actions by respecting the real needs and the characteristics of the organization : the company culture, the relations at work, the behaviors employed, etc. And, from this point, to move coherently to the goal and objectives of the intervention.

Trust the process : In order to have both an effective learning and a maximum involvement from each participant, a variety of active learning processes are implemented, that is : debates and discussions, questionnaires, exercises, role-plays, case-histories.


Gianni's first professional experience opened his eyes ; he discovered and enthused himself with the world of Organisational Development and Training. He worked in Canada, as an internal consultant for a period of four years within an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for a semi-public company composed of 2000 employees.

He is a member of :

Gianni is accredited in using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (Canada, Uk & France),

Team Management System ® (Switzerland),

Firo-B (Paris, F),

FourSight (Italy),

Belbin (London, Uk.)

Genos (Paris, F)

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